Carbonite Backup: My recommendation for a simple, real-time, hands-free and affordable backup system, with cloud and in-house options. Great support team and instant encrypted access.

FixMeStick: Winners of Dragons Den offers, Canadian owned, simple-to-use virus removal USB stick. Do you need an app, or have a great idea for one? Are you a small business that needs to offer your customers an app option? I'm the Canadian partner for an affordable app development and hosting team.

Google Apps: Need to transfer to Gmail, Google Docs, Google Drive, Google Calendar? I'm a certified User and Agent for the full suite of Google Apps. Can provide on-going back-end support and billing.

Recommended Software


Partnered Services

Digital Recall Signage Software: Proud reseller and servicer for the world's only free and easy to use digital signage software. Display pictures, logos, advertisement, live streams, information, schedules and so much more at your business